Hundreds of metal locks with hearts, names and dates engraved hang on many bridges, fences in Paris, Tokyo, Hamburg, New York etc. The love locks.
Some bridges have to carry many extra tons of metal. Paris and other cities have removed the locks because they have damaged the bridges with their weight. We thought it can be done easier and more beautiful. So we invented the digital love lock.
loversloc about
Now you can create a digital love lock on your mobile phone or tablet directly on site and hang it at the desired location, right where you are. Of course, this can also be done from home later. The lock is now digital and can do more than the metal lock. You can add photos, graphic elements, music, videos, personal texts etc. All with a few clicks.
If you leave the place, your lock is not far away but still accessible. You can view it anytime via our website. You can also share it with friends and relatives or post it on Facebook, Instagram, etc.
Have fun,
Ralf Manstein, CEO
loversloc ceo

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