What is loversloc.com?

We have created a website that allows you to design a digital love lock as an effective, media-rich – with photos, video, music – alternative to metal locks or as an extension to your existing metal love locks.

It can be designed on the smartphone, tablet and laptop – and placed directly at any location on our world map. You can find several visual „How-To“ on our video page.

Why would you want to create a LoversLOC?

The digital love lock allows you to preserve your precious moments. You can add photos, videos, notes, even choose music, graphics, love poems and send cards. The individual love lock can be shared with friends via Facebook, Instagram, mail etc.

Who is it for?

It‘s for you. Create a digital LoversLOC All-That-I-Love-Lock for yourselves or give it as a gift. An annniversary gift, on your wedding day, a birthday gift, just out of love, a memory to be remembered.

Build one for your loved ones, friends, family.

Save your special moments. Show your love, your adventures, your emotions, your most loved places. Share them with the world or only with selected friends.

How do you create a LoversLOC All-That-I-Love-Lock?

It only takes a few simple steps to select all the items you want to add to your love lock. In the last step it is placed on the world map. There you can choose the place where the love lock should „hang“, any place anywhere on this planet.

What happens when you publish the LoversLOC love lock?

The digital love lock appears on the world map. It shows the stories, images, comments and messages. Anything you want to share privately or publicly.
The love lock can be seen all over the world anytime by anyone or just by selected friends visiting our site.

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